Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Actuly "SMOKED" my board.

O CRAP!! Smoke coming out of my computer case after adding a sound card IS NOT GOOD!!!!
That's all that was running through my mind as I ripped the power cord from the wall and utters a DAMIT!!! My mind instantly started reeling as to what I could have done wrong. ITS JUST A SOUND CARD, and I will add that its not a new sound card but it works fine in my shop computer. For me to actually have smoke coming from my board is a really scary and angering thing! Usually I am the one that helps other people sort out things like this not the other way around. So needless to say I gave up gaming for the night and started sorting out what I had done wrong. After carefully retracing every thing I had done I came up quite empty handed. I had been making many changes over the last few days and was testing some new mild CPU overclocks as well as benchmarking with a 3 way raid 0. I had been testing with a 3 way raid 0. Part of my steps to troubleshoot the problem was to go over everything I had plugged in to the board, find out exactly where the smoke came from and what function that part of the board had. Although its hard to be sure this is what I found. The smoke came from a part of the board that (the best i can tell) supplies power to the lower half of the board. It had distinct burn marks on it so I know that's where the smoke came from. All the fan plugs pci slots where full. I am running a GTX 260 2 way sli, 3 hard drives in raid 0 and both the CPU and RAM are over clocked pulling more voltage than normal. Its not like all these components draw there power only from the board but the board did have a very heavy load on it. Now for the kicker, this board is a refurbished MSI 750i that I picked up two years ago for about $40. Not saying that MSI or the fact that its refurbished had anything to do with it but it makes me wonder. Everything was plugged in correctly and and as far as I could tell it was not user error. This made me feel a bit better and gave me a good excuse to order up some new upgrades. I had been eyeballing the new sandy bridge CPU's and a Gigabyte lga1155 board. Yet again disaster struck. Three days out from when I was going to put my order in, Intel recalled all the sandy bridge boards due to a 5% to 10% failure on the SATA 3.0 ports. GURRRR Lucky for me I had a old 680i that had been pulled from my brothers computer some time ago. So yes I am back to a 680i and my q9500 for now and looking forward o the new Intel chips when they come out!

Cable Management

Cable Management
Pic of where all my cables went. This is before I zipe tied them in to bundles.